Tests in Gravity


Yesterday morning, Justin and I were running around the house trying to get it ready for yet another open house (still looking for that perfect buyer!).  I was in the living room, making sure the furniture was smelling fresh when I heard the crash outside.  I figured our neighbor must have dropped something and looked out our second-floor window.  All I could see was the roof of the first-floor bay window.  And one bright orange ear plug.  And one arm chair patch from our bedroom chair.  This did not look promising.

I yelled to Justin to close the window and keep Robbie away from it and headed outside.  I ran through everything in our room and figured it was probably the remote control.  As I passed our neighbor’s car, I breathed a sigh of relief that the windshield still appeared to be in tact.  Then I saw a flash of turquoise on the other side of the fence.  My Nook cover.  I drew a little closer, already seeing red as I realized what had happened.  My poor Nook, facedown, on the ground next to the cover.  Shattered.

Now, in retrospect, I realize how lucky we are that it was the Nook that went out the window and not Robbie himself.  I could see that happening, him trying to reach something he’s flung out and toppling out the window.  Perhaps this is why I acted so angrily, the sheer panic of what could have happened.  The realization that Robbie could have been seriously injured or worse.

I try to always open the windows from the top to avoid any chance of our family being on the news when the weather gets warm and the windows go up.  Unfortunately, I forgot in our bedroom.  So, please, take a few minutes to check your windows.  After all, I don’t want to see any of you on the evening news, either.


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