Sleeping Transitions


The first few days in the big boy bed provided ample blogging material.  However, by the time I finished dealing with each of the adventures, I was too exhausted to write about it.  In fact, even now, I’ve been interrupted by a young boy throwing foam Christmas tree cutouts downstairs.  When I went up to investigate, I found him standing in the hall with his railroad train pajamas pulled up to his knee, a firetruck winter hat on his head, some sort of sticky frosting on his mouth (still can’t figure that one out; he tells me it was hot chocolate), and a rolled up poster on his hand because he was a pirate.  And this is tame compared to the first week in a big boy bed.

Take, for example, the night the radio in Justin’s room came on suddenly at 9:00.  When Justin went to investigate, he discovered Robbie “playing Daddy” in the office.  Justin promptly returned our little CEO to the bed and we didn’t hear another word from him.  Until I went to bed.  As I got closer to the top of the stairs, I heard giggling.  When I got to the third floor, I learned why.  There he was, lying on the bed in Justin’s office, amid the laundry and his two pillows, pretending to be asleep.

It wasn’t worth the fight trying to get him back to his crib.  Instead, I cleared the laundry off the bed, got the kid a blanket, and hoped for the best.  This is what I found the next morning:

And then, the next night…  He was in bed reading his books when I went to bed at 9:30.  I didn’t hear a word from him.  And then, at 2:30 in the morning, I nearly stepped on him as I walked down the hall to go to the bathroom.  He had, for some reason, brought both of his pillows and his trusty blanket out to the hall and set up camp.  I’m not sure if he was worried about missing something awesome or if he thought the floor would provide more support than his mattress.

Most recently, Justin and I went up to bed to find Robbie lying on the guest bed, coloring in a coloring book with a brown (gasp!) Sharpie. And covered in sparkly dinosaur stickers…  I think I’ll miss it just a little when he figures out this whole going-to-bed-the-first-time thing…


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