Sloppy Kisses


After months of begging, Robbie is finally into giving kisses.  He started off slowly, just giving us hugs.  Then, he started asking for hugs all the time.  Then he started offering kisses.  And I found myself slightly disturbed.

There are few things more frightening than a two-year-old grabbing your face with both hands, snot pouring down his nose, leaning toward you, open-mouthed.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  Robbie has been watching Justin kiss me and is doing his best to mimic his father.  In all fairness, however, Justin usually doesn’t have a runny nose when he tries to kiss me.

We’re working on it, this open-mouth kissing problem.  When I see him coming, I try to turn my head.  But, Robbie usually has my face pretty well in the grasp of his sticky little hands, making it tricky to avoid him.  It’s terribly difficult not to laugh because the sight of it is pretty funny.  His head is tilted, eyes wide as he studies exactly where it is that he should kiss.  And then he slowly comes straight for my mouth.

I feel like a broken record, always telling Robbie that he has to kiss me on the cheek because only Daddy can kiss me on the lips.  He just doesn’t understand.  So, we’ve taken a new approach.  No one gets to kiss me on the lips when Robbie is around.  Not Justin.  Not the dog.  And certainly not my kid.  So far, it’s working well for everyone but Justin.


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