Blasted Side Effects


I forgot about the side effects.  You know, from antibiotics?  Remember that horrible diaper from the beach?  Well,  it hadn’t occurred to me that it was really anything.  And then we got home.

We got Robbie home and into the bathroom to take a bath.  I pulled down his pants and revealed a leg full of poop.  And his diaper was still full.  Then it hit me.  Antibiotics.  Diarrhea.  Duh.  Hopefully we don’t have this for the duration of the medication.

And another note about medication…  I spent ten minutes this morning battling Robbie, bullying him into taking his medicine.  You know the trick?  I had to give it to him to take himself.  Then it wasn’t any big deal.  I guess I just have to acknowledge that he’s not a baby anymore, and he doesn’t want to be treated like one…  Unless he has major chaffing on his inner thighs.


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