Rob the Baker


Fun things to do with Robbie never occur to me quite like they do to Micah and Allie.  I guess as the mom, I’m not supposed to be the fun one all the time.  That’s part of the excitement of going to see CaCa and Allie; Robbie can do things there that he can’t at home.  And tonight was no exception.

Because I forgot to bring dessert tonight, CaCa and Allie were forced to think on the fly.  Allie, sweet woman that she is, suggested letting Robbie bake cookies.  So, they brought out the step ladder, washed his hands, and got to work.

Robbie stood on the step ladder, pouring ingredients and stirring enthusiastically.  Sometimes with a little too much vigor, much to the delight of the two dogs resting in close proximity.

And then came the big time: stirring in the wet ingredients.  Robbie held his teaspoon steady for the milk and then the vanilla.  And, because he’s two now, dumped the broken egg into the mix – taking special care not to drop the shell in.

Some hours later, we finally baked the cookies.  We settled down with bowls of ice cream and bit into the sugar cookies.  The consistency was right.  The sprinkles were right.  But there sure was a lot of salt…


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