Amoxicillin, Anyone?


Like any good parents, Justin and I dutifully schlepped Robbie down the street for his two-year check-up this morning.  I started talking about the doctor early in the morning, so, by the time we strolled up to the building, Robbie was yelling, “Oh, boy!  Doctor!”  And, I’ll be honest, that kind of concerns me.  But, as long as he’s excited about seeing the doctor and not playing one, I think we’ll be OK.

Robbie was all laughs and fun while playing in the waiting room (where was the cool playhouse and cars when I waited for the pediatrician and why don’t they have this stuff for adult waiting rooms?).  But this all came to an abrupt halt when Aaron the nurse called us in to the exam room.  Robbie took one look at the man and burst into tears.  You know, the ear-splitting-glass-breaking-tears?  Yeah.  Those.

He screamed through having his head measured (19.5 inches), his body measured (an estimated 36.5 inches, give or take a thrashing limb), and his weight taken (a whopping 28 pounds, 6 ounces).  He calmed down for a minute between strangers in the room and then started his craziness when Dr. Sheldon came in.

At first, Robbie refused to look at her, preferring to play with the door and open cabinets.  All while dressed modestly in his diaper, mind you.  Eventually, he came around, sharing his favorite words and busting a few dance moves.  Classy kid, I tell you.

Dr. Sheldon got down to business, and finally started checking up on the kid.  He screamed while she listened to his heart and lungs.  He nearly bit her fingers off when she checked to see if his two-year molars were coming in.  And he flipped out when she got to his ears.

You guessed it.  Ear infection.  Double, actually.  Oh, they weren’t raging infections yet.  But, given my parenting expertise, they probably would have been around 2:45 tomorrow morning.  Or, even worse, 2:45 Sunday morning.  After all, there are office hours on Saturdays – but not Sundays!

Fortunately, this was a Friday and the infection was detected before it got too terrible.  We left the office armed with an Elmo sticker and an amoxicillin prescription.  Not bad for a day’s work…  And you know what?  As the day wore on, Robbie started talking about his booboo – and pulling his ear.  So, maybe we would have figured it out, but it’s so much easier this way.


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