Hair Cut


We made it almost two years, but Robbie finally needed his hair cut. It was time for the rat tail to go. Time for me to have a proper little boy instead of a baby. Justin and I decided it would be good to take Robbie to the barber shop Justin went to all through college.

I’m just not sure that words can do the experience justice. The panicked screams started as soon as Justin set Robbie in the barber chair.

He usually loves combing his hair, but not in the barber chair. And not with a stranger doing it.

The thought of scissors coming toward his face threw him into a tizzy.

And as they got closer, Robbie couldn’t even bring himself to look.

Justin practically had to hold him down when they brought out the clippers.

All he really wanted was to escape.

But as soon as he had his lollipop, Robbie was all charm and smiles.


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