Robbie is fearless. Absolutely fearless. To the point of terrifying me. On the Fourth of July, we went to a picnic where there was an in-ground pool. Unfortunately, neither Nona, Pops, or myself had a bathing suit. Even worse, almost everyone else did. Much to the dismay of my desperate toddler.

Robbie did everything he could to get in the pool. He ran and stopped short at the edge. He dragged me to the pool, emphatically showing me, “Water! Water!”. He threw a football in the pool. He tried to climb on the diving board. And finally I broke. I got Robbie’s bathing suit from the car (you know, just in case there was a kiddie pool – I was NOT anticipating an actual pool). I found a relative I’d actually met once, and dropped my kid in the pool.

Eventually, Robbie tired of the pool, so he got out and started walking around it. Then he found it. The water slide. And he was up it in a flash. We found a kind soul willing to catch the flying child, so down Robbie went. I’ll be honest. I let him go down because I was hoping it would scare him and he wouldn’t want to go down it again. Wrong. Horribly wrong. Robbie went down the slide at least fifteen times.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t our only experience with slides. He had a blast at Southland pool on the frog slide but was devastated that he was too little to use the big kid slide. And, secretly, I was thrilled. I’m not ready to send my baby down big water slides any more than I have to. I guess diving boards are next… God help me!



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