My Own Time


I’d been looking forward to getting home for days. Weeks, even. Because I knew that, as soon as I pulled into town, I was going to leave Robbie, Justin, and Barkley for a few glorious days all by myself. Well, kind of.

We pulled into town around 12:30 Thursday afternoon, and my sister, Hilary, met us at Mom’s house. We hugged and visited and ate cupcakes (isn’t that what you do when you’ve just driven a thousand miles?). And then I left. Quickly. Oh, sure. I gave Justin a few instructions, mostly, “I don’t care how you do it, and I know it won’t be like I do it. But just make sure the dog and the baby are still alive when I get back. That’s it. Good luck.” A quick kiss and I hit the road, all by myself.

There wasn’t even a car seat in the back of the car (I’d borrowed my mom’s). No mess. No Elmo. Just music I wanted to listen to. And an errand I wanted to run (hello, Gap Outlet! – a REAL outlet) without anyone grabbing clothes or making me rush because he had a dirty diaper or a rumbly belly.

And then I was there, at my aunt’s lake house, ready for some glorious time to myself. We sat out on the boat for a while. We drank for a while. We lingered over dinner (when was the last time that happened?). And, amazingly, I slept for ten hours. I lounged in bed for an hour, reading a trashy Nora Roberts book. I took a walk around the lake (not realizing that it was a 7.5 mile loop that would take me nearly two hours). I lounged in the sun and took a boat ride.

Of course, I painted an adirondack chair for my aunt and ran some errands with her, too. After all, it couldn’t be a completely free ride! I had to earn my keep just a little. And, you know what? I was really excited to see Robbie when Hilary brought him up to the lake house Saturday.


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