Happy Days!


Yes, that’s right! They’re here again. Robbie knows that he hurt himself – he likes to point at his forehead and say, “Wow!” He seems pretty impressed with the Band-Aid that he gets to wear over his right eye. Definitely not anything worth holding him back from a new day.

I don’t usually get Robbie ready for the day in the morning. Sometimes I get him dressed – if I’m feeling like a particularly kind and loving wife. So I wasn’t sure what to expect when getting him out of the door this morning because it had been a few months since Justin wasn’t able to take Robbie to daycare.

We got downstairs, and I had my purse, Robbie’s backpack, a bag of needlepoint, my gym clothes, and three bags of treats for my students taking the MCAS today. Robbie looked at the bags and looked at me. He said, “Help!” and grabbed the bag with my gym clothes. He carried it all the way to the car for me! And then got a little irritated that there was nothing for him to “help” with when we got to daycare. Nevermind his backpack; that was obviously something that I could carry.

Always one to call things into question, I emailed Justin to see where Robbie picked up this whole helping thing. It turns out that, every morning, Robbie “helps” Justin find his shoes, wallet, watch, and keys. I’m so glad to learn that my boys are actually productive in the morning.

New words include:
Cheese (was that on the last list?)


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