Even though it isn’t anywhere near summer (or, in all honesty, spring, for that matter), I couldn’t pass up the 99 cent bubbles at Target last weekend. But, like any harried woman, I forgot I even bought them. Until Robbie found them in the bag on his changing table.

I don’t know how Robbie knew what they were, but as soon as he saw the mini three-pack, he brought them to me, crying, “Buh-ble! Buh-ble!” Of course, he yells that at almost anything in a jar. I’m not one to squash enthusiasm for summer, especially after the winter we’ve had!

I opened the jars, and we had bubbles everywhere. I was blowing them faster than Robbie could realize where they were coming from. It was a bubble dream come true. Until Robbie wanted to try on his own. I’ll be honest; at first, I did not want to hand over the bubbles. No, it wasn’t because I was having too much fun myself. It’s because I was envisioning puddles all over my bedroom floor.

Not that my floors were clean. At all. And, once I realized that, and the fact that bubbles are only soap and water, and that there was less than two ounces in each bottle, I handed them over. Robbie managed to blow a few bubbles, but mostly he wound up with the wand in his mouth, blowing hard, and not making many bubbles.

It didn’t take long for the bubbles to be on the floor. Two bottles of them. Incidentally, that makes for a very slippery floor. Robbie bit it twice. Hard. But, he kept coming back for more. That’s my boy!

Note the actual bubble in the lower left corner!


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