It’s amazing what temperatures above 32 degrees, a good run, and a bath-time dance party can do to lift your spirits! It was, I’m sure, mostly the dance party. Robbie and I got home late (I did a full 68 minutes at the gym – clocking in five miles!), so we had a quick dinner and then it was off to the bath, with the Glee Cast station on the cell phone at full blast.

Robbie bebopped through his bath, taking time to clean his balloon thoroughly. After all, even a balloon gets dirty after three days of intense play. We practiced blowing bubbles in the tub, Rob laughing hysterically when I came up from the water with bubbles all over my face. He kissed me and leaned up against me and even let me wash his face. It’s amazing what music can do!

We jammed through teeth brushing, diapering, and pajama-putting-on. Robbie rocked out while I made my bed and picked up the third floor. He even started singing along a little bit. And then it was time to go to bed.

Robbie calmly handed me back my “pone” and cuddled up with Moo. For about thirty seconds. He was unsatisfied with the water I gave him and let me know in no uncertain terms that he wanted “nait nait” (milk). As soon as I brought him some milk, he laid down, wrapped his arm around Moo, said “lou you” and “night”. And that was that.

Now, the house is clean. Dinner has been cooked. And I have some time to read and catch up on my DVR’ed shows. Yeah. Mid-winter blahs defeated. At least until the next snow storm!


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