I have them. The mid-winter blahs. No real sun in recent memory. Mounds of snow on the ground. Six snow days to make up. A house I can’t air out. A husband who’s in class or study groups four to six days a week. A child who likes to color his face with my lipstick. Yup. The blahs are here.

I keep hoping that I can shake them, but nothing really seems to be working. Not the gym, where I could only run for three minutes before stopping from frustration. My bra strap kept slipping (no sports bra today), and my hair was in my face (yeah, forgot the rubber band, too). And my child wouldn’t stay in the play area. Clean house didn’t happen. I’m giving up on that for the next week or eighteen years or so.

For now, I’m going to have to look forward to Saturday morning when I get to fly home to Kentucky. Five blissful days of not being in charge. Of living in someone else’s house. Of not having a dog whine in my ear at 5:30 in the morning and then poop in the dining room anyway.

Yeah. I need a vacation. I need to pass Go, collect $200, and move right on to spring. How many days are left again?


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