Snow Day, Take Two


Lawrence was closed again today! And, like any good wife and mother, I sent Robbie to daycare and Justin to work. What I really needed was a day to myself. After all, yesterday I spent most of the day on the couch. There was work to be done.

I actually surprised myself. Typically, I would think about everything I needed to do while sitting on the couch catching up on my DVR (see the entry from last Friday). Not today. I started in the kitchen and cleaned the refrigerator and freezer, organized the cabinets and pantry, and cleaned the counters and stove. Then I cleaned the bathroom and organized the hall closet and the living room closet. Next up was the living room, complete with organizing all the drawers in the tables. Then it was upstairs to our room and Robbie’s room. All floors are vacuumed and steamed. And it feels amazing.

I did some thinking about my life while I was cleaning. About a week ago, I found a journal that I started in the fall of 2006. I didn’t even recognize the person I was then. The entire journal was horribly negative; each page was a litany of complaints about what had gone wrong that day. I cried as I read it, unsure of how I was able to escape the person I had become. And I’m so far from being that person any more (I’m sure much to the relief of everyone who knows me). So, for whatever reason I was able to chance, I am grateful.


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