Watering the Dog


It’s been one of those days at the Manna house. It started this morning when I kicked over a bottle of Ale-8, which exploded across the kitchen, shattering glass and Ale-8 everywhere. I was, of course, barefoot. Justin broke a glass over breakfast. Robbie broke one over lunch. It was really a family effort.

This afternoon, I noticed that Robbie was going back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room with two different Frisbees. After a few minutes, I noticed that they had water in them. For about ten minutes, I resisted the urge to see where Robbie was getting the water, not sure I could stand seeing the mess that I was sure would be all over the kitchen floor. But, Robbie seemed so intent on delivering water to Barkley that I couldn’t help but follow him into the kitchen.

Robbie had quite the set-up going on. Fortunately, he had not dumped the water onto the floor. He took the Frisbee over to the water dish, put it in, got some water into it, picked it up, and walked back to the living room to deliver the water to his doting dog. He then picked up the previously delivered Frisbee and did the same thing. Eventually, Barkley started turning the other way when he saw Robbie coming. I’m sure Robbie would have gone on forever if I’d let him, but, mean mother that I am, I made him go Skype with my mom.

Don’t judge me too much on the video. Our house was in the process of being cleaned, and Robbie never changed out of his pajamas. Some Saturdays are like that…


In other exciting developments, Robbie said, “I love you” today! He had no idea what he said, but it still melted my heart. He was in bed with Justin and me playing this morning, and I said, “I love you.” Robbie looked at me and said, “Eye. Lovu.” I think we’re going to keep working on this. He also said “juice”, “apple”, and “baby” today. I’m not sure where all these words are coming from, but I like it!


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