Jack in the Box


On the twelfth day of Christmas, Aunt Allie and Uncle Micah brought to Robbie two fabulous books, one plush animal, one Oshkosh shirt, and a Jack in the Box.

I’ll admit; I was a little concerned about the Jack in the Box. Robbie doesn’t always do well with things jumping out at him. He goes into full-blown panic mode when I turn on the dust buster. But I should have known that Justin would make it fun. I’m still not entirely convinced that Robbie was originally laughing at the toy. I think it was mostly Justin’s facial expressions and excitement every time the clown popped up out of the box.

Robbie proved me wrong, however, when he brought it to the dinner table after he and Justin had stopped playing. He did not want to sit in my lap; he would only sit with Justin. Within a few minutes, Robbie was cranking the box and making the clown pop out. I’m not sure which cracked him up more: making the clown come out or putting it back in.

I’m attaching pictures of the basement. I meet with the insurance adjuster tomorrow and am seriously hoping they’ll pay for a dumpster or some form of junk removal. There is so much trash. I’m just thrilled that my basement is clean. Now to get it organized…


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