Christmas Day


Christmas comes early at the Manna house – the last Sunday before Christmas. Since we travel to Kentucky for the holidays, it’s nice for us to have our own family Christmas (and it saves the trouble of transporting toys 1000 miles). It’s also important for me that Robbie has his own family traditions, even if they are what I did when I grew up.

The morning started with Justin and Robbie making their way downstairs. As you can see from the previous post, I had the tree all set up with our presents to Rob and Santa also came overnight (I think it was a dry run). I did my best to get a picture of Robbie’s face when he came into the room and saw all the toys in front of the tree. A slow grin spread across his face, and he looked at Justin and me to make sure it was OK to play with them.

He dunked the basketball and mowed the grass. He tore open presents. He sat on the Sit ‘n Spin and had me twirl him around. I was actually most nervous about that present; I was just sure it would end in tears. But, Robbie loved it. He kept sitting on it and scooting his bottom to make me push him around. It was so fun watching him enjoy everything. Being frugal with my time last night, I threw everything I bought for Robbie into one big box (I also figured he wouldn’t have the attention span to open every little thing, and I was right). He had a blast going through the box and finding new things.

Robbie’s first Christmas was special, but it’s nothing compared to the first Christmas that he actually participated in. I know he still doesn’t really get it, but he understands toys. Boy, does he understand toys!

Tomorrow is the start of the last three days of school. I’m so ready to be off for a week and a half and to see my family. But, like Thanksgiving, Christmas kind of snuck up on me at work. I usually have to get through the last few weeks with a countdown on my board. Not this year, though! And there’s still so much to do: presents to wrap, cookies to bake, laundry to do, suitcases to pack… But surely it’ll get done. And if it doesn’t, maybe I can borrow Santa’s elves on the 26th for the laundry part.


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