Wedded Bliss


Justin and I celebrated our sixth anniversary today! I’m not sure how long six years is supposed to feel. Six years is all of high school and half of college. Six years is all of elementary school. But being married to Justin for six years doesn’t feel as long as all of that. I guess it’s because when you’re in school, there is an end in sight which can make the time seem to drag on. But, when you’re on a journey with someone and don’t ever want it to end, it flies by.

On our way out tonight, we attempted to recap the highlights of our marriage. It’s interesting to try to define a marriage in a matter of minutes. We focused mostly on the positive things that have happened to us, although I think we’re more changed by the challenges we face. For us, when the negative had the opportunity to draw us apart, our marriage got stronger. I think this is, in part, because our first two years were such a challenge. We were two independent people, neither of us used to compromising. But somehow we figured it out and have been able to become closer with every curve ball life has thrown at us.

It’s so nice to be in the middle of a life you love, especially when you are with someone you absolutely adore, especially when you hear of so many people who are in a loveless marriage but can’t leave for any number of reasons. There’s no one else I ever want to go on this journey with. Justin’s the only person I can tell a story with simultaneously and know just where to pick up and leave off again. He knows to never keep grape jelly in the house. He gets up with Robbie every morning, even on the weekends. He clears the dishwasher and does the laundry – not because he likes to but because he knows I abhor those chores. Justin does the grocery shopping and helps make dinner. He drives wherever we go and always gets the luggage at the airport because those are, as I describe them, “husband jobs.” And he makes me laugh and lets me know how loved I am every day.

In the past six years, there have only been a handful of days that we haven’t talked. I know that may sound silly, but Justin typically travels a lot. He’s been to Japan, Chile, Colombia, England, Germany, and France for extended work trips. He hasn’t always had phone access, but we’ve done everything we could to make sure that we get to talk at least once a day. Those days when I couldn’t hear his voice stretched on forever.

And now I think I’ll close this sappy post. It’s probably been a bit of an overload for you – after all, I just counted my blessings on Thursday. And now you’re forced to read about how much I love my husband? Oy! So, as reward for indulging me, I will leave you with a video of the Manna child eating an apple (with a cameo of Justin’s singing – he only knows the word “dynamite”, so you’ll recognize his harmonizing).


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