Other People’s Homes


Visiting family is exhausting on its own. It is exponentially intensified when you visit with a young child. Since we flew to Annapolis, we were not able to bring the appropriate amount of child paraphenalia to successfully survive three days. There is no Pack ‘n Play to place the child in when he has undone an entire rack of CDs for the fifth time. Or when he’s gone digging in the litter box. Or when he’s grabbed all the ornaments off the now top-heavy tree. I have never been so exhausted in my life.

There have also been benefits, though. Robbie is much more cuddly when we travel, probably because he’s in unfamiliar places with people he doesn’t really know. He fell asleep with me last night and then cuddled up with me again this morning.

We leave for home in just a few hours, and I’m hoping we survive the trip. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Robbie will get tired and crash, but I’m not hopeful. I do plan to take a few Tylenol PM when I get home and get a really good night’s sleep. There’s something about sleeping in the same room as Robbie in a hotel that doesn’t let me sleep well.

Better go… Robbie’s screaming and throwing his head into Justin’s chest. This does not bode well for our flight…


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