This time last year, I was (admittedly) a little panicked about turning thirty. I tried to cram in doing things one more time while I was in my twenties (“This is the last time I’ll go to the gym in my twenties,” “This is the last time you’ll kiss me in my twenties”…). After all, our twenties are when so much of life happens. It seems much more defining than the first two decades. For me, it was really when all of my major life events happened: I graduated college, I finished grad school, I got my first “real” job, I met Justin, I moved to Georgia, I got engaged, I got married, I moved to Boston, I got laid off for the first (and, please God, only) time, I got into Boston College, I got pregnant, I had a baby. It was a pretty busy decade.

And I’m sitting on the couch in my freshly cleaned house (mostly because I was going crazy searching for tomorrow’s football tickets, which were, incidentally, on the floor of the closet; I should have asked Justin four hours earlier than I did), doing a little reflecting on the past year. I don’t know that there have been that many “defining” moments, but it’s my favorite year so far. There was the time I spent appreciating my family and relishing the quiet. Finishing up grad school (surely for the last time) and walking at my graduation. Getting a new job, my dream job. Spending four weeks in Lexington over the summer. Swimming at The Res when Justin got home from work. Running my first 5K.

Maybe my twenties were just the foundation. I know they say, “Life starts at thirty.” There were so many wonderful things before thirty that shouldn’t be discounted. But, you know what? I don’t think I’d go back to twenty-nine for anything.

And, since I know you’re dying to ask, yes. There is one thing that I want to do before I turn thirty-one. I’m going to finish the damn stocking that’s been in my grandmother’s sewing box half-completed for five years. Just have to sew the back part to the front part, and I have 96 minutes to do it!

But before I go, you should all know what a thoughtful husband I have. He started celebrating my birthday weekend early with a dozen roses. I hope you are all so lucky in love!


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