Late Nights


Robbie had to stay at daycare late tonight. Super late. 7:30 late. I haven’t gone that long in the day without seeing him since I was taking classes last spring. I rushed all the way from Lawrence to get there, even though I knew he would be asleep. And he was. Zhining was waiting for me, so I didn’t have to ring the doorbell. She slowly opened the door to the room where Robbie was sleeping, and we peaked in on him.

Robbie rolled over and briefly opened his eyes. He slowly closed them. And then quickly opened them. If he was coordinated to jump to his feet, that’s what he would have done. He ran to the side of the crib with an award-winning smile on his face. It was one of those I’ve-been-waiting-to-see-you-all-day-and-you’re-finally-here smiles. I picked him up out of the crib and he threw himself at me. Then he pulled back from me and just looked at me, a slow grin spreading across his face. He touched my cheek like he wasn’t really sure I was there and then hugged me again (Cuddle Baby is really working!).

I’m not saying that I would want to have Open House every week. But, it was nice to be gone long enough for Robbie to really miss me. Usually when I pick him up from daycare, he opens the door, looks at me, and runs the other way. But not tonight. Tonight, I was the one person he wanted to see. And, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.


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