Halloween Hullabaloo


I’m learning what great company Robbie is. It’s something that I figure out a little more every time Justin goes out of town. Last fall was so difficult with all of Justin’s traveling because Robbie mostly slept, ate, and pooped. Actually, other than cry and spit up, that’s all he did. This year is so different. We have a blast together, and the hullabaloo that was our Saturday was no exception.

This morning, Robbie and I were up early to head to the Topsfield fairgrounds for a “toy fair” (real world translation – used toys at cheap prices for charity). I love that he’s young enough to go shopping with me and not know that I’m going to give him these toys for Christmas. In all honesty, it would have been easier to do it without Rob. But not nearly as fun. We got a wagon, which should be an fabulous adventure. It’s a little rusty, but I figure that will make me less paranoid about him throwing sticks and rock in it when he gets bigger. We also go a fabulous tool kit with more tools than I can identify and a tool belt. Throw in a bunch of books, an alligator xylophone, and a few other toys, and we’ll call my Christmas shopping finished – for a mere $52!

The real action didn’t start until after Robbie’s nap. We headed down the street for me to get a haircut, Robbie in full costume. He was ready to look adorable for Wish Salon. And he kept himself entertained by playing with a drawer full of rollers… I’m not sure if this means he’s looking to a career in hair styling. Especially since we found him curled up in his bed with a brush a few weeks ago…

We went to an actual Halloween Hullabaloo at the Watertown library later in the afternoon and met up with Rob’s best buddy, Pete, who was dressed as an adorable monkey. Now, a Halloween Hullabaloo is not as exciting as I thought. I envisioned lively entertainment and some refreshments. Maybe some decorations. No. It was two relatively creepy middle-aged adults in terrible costumes (Really? You thought, “80’s rocker. Yeah. The kids will totally get that.”?). And they kindly lectured the parents on modeling good “concert” behavior. Rob and Pete stayed engaged for most of the performance – far longer than their mothers.

Next we traveled up to Haverhill (yes, we spent about three hours in the car today) to go trick-or-treating with a friend from work, some of her friends, and four other kids. I think the kids had a blast. But I had no idea how much work it was going to be. I had naively envisioned Robbie calmly sitting in the wagon, independently walking up to houses, and actually carrying his bucket. What really happened was that he tried to eat candy through the wrapper, stood up more times in the wagon than he sat down, and had to be carried or strongly guided to go in the right direction. I earned every bit of candy he collected!

When I told my mom about our plans last night, she asked if we had any down time. Really just enough for Rob to nap. Any more than that, and we all start to go crazy. There’s just too much to get into. So, tomorrow there’s church, a parade, and more trick-or-treating. Bring on the hullabaloo!http://www.youtube.com/get_playerhttp://www.youtube.com/get_player


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