Soothing Sounds


When I was at the doctor with Rob yesterday, she and I talked about common things that Robbie might be doing. She told me she always felt guilty when she asked parents if the sound of the vacuum soothed their children because she doesn’t ever actually run the vacuum. At this point, I knew she was my kind of woman. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to answer that question either. We have all hardwood floors, and our vacuum is somewhere in the bowels of the basement.

Keeping hardwood cleaned is more difficult than I ever would have thought, especially with four cats, a dog, and a baby. There are accidents and spills and general traffic issues. We Swiffer. I’m not happy with the wet Swiffer, and our WetJet broke so long ago that any remaining liquid has evaporated from the bottle. So, when people at work started talking about the Shark, I was all ears. In case you aren’t familiar with this amazing invention, let me fill you in.

The Shark is a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a steam mop. And I was skeptical. But, let me just tell you that it was worth every penny (I recommend getting it from Bed, Bath, & Beyond with a 20% off coupon). It took about ten minutes to clean then entire first floor. I put on a clean pair of socks right after I finished, and they are still white! This could be a new addiction; I may actually be steaming the floors every night.

And, in case you’re wondering, I did try out the vacuum part of the Shark. Robbie absolutely did not find it soothing. He ran, screaming, to the other side of the room and didn’t stop until I’d held and soothed him for five minutes. I guess I have a new reason to avoid vacuuming…


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