Posting Too Early…


Apparently I posted too early last night… The real fun happened when I went in the bedroom Robbie, Justin, and I are sharing. Something smelled amiss, so I went immediatey to Robbie. Upon inspection of the still-sleeping child, I discovered that he, the blanket, the sheet, and the mattress were covered in vomit. Milk, penne pasta, bread, and cheese puffs. And Robbie was still dead asleep.

We got him up. I immediately put the baby in the tub while Mom started cleaning the mattress. Robbie never cried; he just looked confused. After all, he had already taken a bath and was peacefully sleeping. He recovered nicely, though, and sat on the couch with us while his mattress dried. I’m a little concerned about this; I think he finally has proof that we do indeed do fun and amazing things after he goes to sleep…

After his bed was reassembled, it was time for sleep. For both of us. Robbie was fine while I had the lights on, but, as soon as I turned them off and plunged the room into darkness, he flipped out. Since everyone can hear everything in this house, I brought him into bed with me. I figured the best approach was to pretend to be asleep, but this led to having my nose picked… I opened my eyes to find Robbie’s face inches from mine, a huge smile on his face.

After a few minutes, Robbie put his hand in mine (I was using it to block entry to my nose), laid his head between my neck and shoulder, and cuddled up close. It was the most perfect cuddle moment of my life. And it lasted for two hours, until I woke up with my arm half asleep and a full bladder.

This was the first time Robbie has ever voluntarily cuddled with me. I’m really hoping he’s going into this phase. I could get used to hugs and hand-holding.


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