Of all the things to be concerned about with my new job, my biggest concern right now is the toilets. Yes, that’s right. Toilets. I can’t figure them out. There is a sensor at the back of the stalls, and the light flashes when I stand up. But the toilet never flushes. I have no idea if they are automatic or not, and I don’t want to be that person who leaves an unflushed toilet. Today I did the “ultimate” toilet test. I was in a single restroom and washed my hands while waiting to see if it would flush. You know how sometimes there’s a time delay? That’s what I was waiting to have kick in.

Except it didn’t. So, I pushed the button next to the sensor, like I’ve been doing for the past week. I’m still confused, though. Why bother to put the sensors in if the toilets require me to push a button? This is the trouble with these automatic things; you never know quite how they work. I’m thirty years old and still can’t figure out the automatic faucet. Forget about the soap. I have the towel dispenser pretty well figured out, but those aren’t consistent across the board either. How in the world am I supposed to make sure Robbie knows how to use a variety of toilets? God help me if he starts thinking everything should be automatic and stops flushing at home… Oh, the perils of an automated society.

On a lighter, and more fragrant, note… Robbie and I walked to the florist around the corner today. That’s right! We both walked! Robbie held my finger, but he walked the whole way, and he walked all the way back! He’s so ready to let go, but I’m enjoying that he still needs me for walking (err… running) right now. He saw Justin crossing the street on our way home and a huge smile spread across his face. He leaned his head back to look at me, so excited to see Justin. And then he broke into a Frankenstein-esque run to get to his daddy.

I apologize for what I feel like is a pretty lame blog entry… My students always complain that it’s hard to write in their journals every day, and I told them they just weren’t being creative enough. Of course, I hadn’t tried to write every day for an audience. So please bear with me on the less-than-exciting days. After all, I can’t run a crazy obstacle course or find out I have seven cavities every day!


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