Last Day of Summer


Today was my last “real” day of summer home with Robbie. I have Friday off, but Justin and I are going to send the bambino to daycare and enjoy a day together. So, this was it. The day kind of snuck up on me. I guess I knew it was coming, but I didn’t want to think about it. And now that it’s over, I wish I had.

The first half of the day was actually a lot of fun. Robbie and I went for a walk with my friend Jane and her daughter Lily. We hadn’t gotten to see each other for the past month, so it was nice to catch up. I’d forgotten how nice it was to have girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong, I have some fantastic friends. But there’s something about having mom girlfriends. They just get you. They’ve been exactly where you are and find their husbands infuriating for the same reasons. And we all need time to gripe about men and children.

It was the afternoon of my last day of summer that really disappointed me. Robbie and I took Barkley to the vet, where we found out that all the things I thought were problems really were problems. I hate that. I went three for three this time… Barkley’s ear was cut when he got groomed a week ago, and it got infected. Then when Barkley was trying to scratch it, he cut the inside of his ear, which also got infected… Second problem? Brace yourself. Full anal glands. Lovely. But definitely worth $15 to have someone else fix them. Third problem? This is actually what’s been irritating me for months. Barkley chews on his paws. All. The. Time. The other night I noticed that the fur around his paws had changed color. Today I found out why: Barkley has chewed them raw. There are scabs everywhere. The poor puppy has a bacterial infection. So, $95,26 later, we have oral antibiotics for the ear, wipes for the paws, and clean glands. And a very relieved Barkley.

Then came the bad appointment. That’s right, it got worse than the vet. Keep in mind that poor Robbie has been toted along to all of this fun. And he’s really been good. The dentist nearly yanked him out of my arms, explaining that she has baby fever and it just wouldn’t be safe for Robbie to be in the same room while I had x-rays taken. Did I mention I had never met this dentist before? I do have to admit, though, that I think she’s fantastic. When the dentist looked at my teeth, her only concern was that I’ve been grinding them. She didn’t see any areas of concern (I was worried a filling had fallen out but didn’t know if it was real or a dream). And then she saw the x-rays.

There was decay everywhere. Under fillings. Between teeth. Near the nerve. SEVEN cavities. Five of them under current fillings. I was devastated. I didn’t have a cavity until I was twenty-six. Are you kidding me? In the past four years, I’ve had SEVENTEEN cavities. I brush religiously. I don’t floss like I should. But, I take better care of my teeth than a lot of people. And this is the thanks I get? On the last day of summer, no less?

So, my punishment for missing my dental appointment last October and failing to reschedule is two more appointments where they have to drill my teeth. Two of them almost to the nerve and then try to patch and rebuild. And this is where I urge you to do several things. First, floss. I know, it’s a pain. Second, rebook that dental appointment you canceled and never got around to. Trust me. You’d rather take care of this now. Third, get your dental insurance! This will still be a staggering $700. WIthout insurance? We’d be looking at over $1500. What are you waiting for? Go!


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