Perfect Days


Do you ever sit down at the end of a day and realize that it was a perfect day? And then, when you try to pinpoint exactly what made it perfect, there is no one thing that comes to mind? That was today. It was a bunch of little things that, alone, would have made a huge impression. But together? The perfect storm.

Perhaps the day was destined to go well because I slept until 8:30 and only got up when I heard my mom in the kitchen giving Robbie his breakfast. We had a family breakfast, that I cooked: blackberry chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We watched a litte TV while Robbie played downstairs, tearing through the ball pit and Sunday paper.

Mom and I went clothes shopping – probably for the first time since early middle school. After that, she just gave us a clothing allowance and let us make our own fashion decisions. Oh, those trips to Fashion Bug in Lexington Mall… Only the best for our money! I am a terrible clothes shopper; I always feel I’m in some hodgepodge ridiculous outfit. Even at thirty, I needed my mom’s eye. The best part? We were successful! It was the first time I haven’t cried in a dressing room; I was wearing a size I was comfortable (but not ultimately satisfied) with. And I feel like I can face the impending school year with confidence. Plus, it was nice to have Mom all to myself; that happens so rarely.

Hilary and I took Robbie swimming. Kind of. As soon as we walked into the pool, they closed it for thunder. Not to be foiled, we went to my mother-in-law’s pool. Don’t worry; I’m not that bad of a mom! It wasn’t thundering over there. Yet. I think we got in nine or ten good minutes before the storm clouds approached. But we still did it!

Then it was time for a nursing home visit. Hilary, Robbie, and I took Graeter’s to an old friend. And I mean old in all senses of the word. We’ve known her for 28 years, and she’s 103 years old. We also visited a former neighbor with Alzheimer’s, and she knew exactly who we were and played with Robbie. It’s amazing to have a glimpse into someone’s moment of clarity. It gives you hope.

I finished the day at Hilary’s house. We didn’t really do anything. We watched Big Brother, and Hilary paid bills. It was so nice just to be together, hanging out. It was the perfect end to the perfect day. Silly, isn’t it? None of these events will probably stand out in my mind in a week (three days if we’re being honest). But today? Today they were perfect.


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