Let me warn you from the beginning: this is a bragging post. I am going to talk about how amazing things were today. So, if you don’t particularly care that I had a phenomenal day or your day was horrible and you just aren’t in the mood to hear anything good, please skip this post. My feelings won’t be hurt; there have been many days when I would have skipped this post, too.

OK. Are we don’t to the people who care? Or are at least curious? Then let me begin! Several months ago, Robbie made an appearance on Good Morning America‘s “Week in Three Words” Segment. Well, today he made his second cameo! That’s right, I’m obnoxious enough that I sent my son’s “My First Birthday” video to see if he could get on again. And he did. Now, I have to be honest, it isn’t nearly as exciting the second time. Probably because Justin saw it first and called me to tell me it had been on. I didn’t get the thrill of just seeing Robbie’s face on TV without being prepared for it. But, it was still pretty damn thrilling. I have a video of Robbie and his three friends to send it. If that one makes it, that will probably be the most exciting one because my friends will get to experience the “celebrity for a day” feeling.

There was another part of my day that was fabulous, but I can’t go public with it yet. Not to be all mysterious… It will come in good time. And, no. I’m not pregnant. In time that would be fabulous new. Right now it would just be exhausting.

I got to catch up with Louisa, my best friend from high school today. She and I had lost touch for seven years, and I am so lucky to have her back in my life. I don’t know that we realized how much we missed each other until we were back in each other’s life. So, any day that involves Louisa registers pretty high on the amazing chart. It might border on amah-zing. Much like the following event…

Tonight I ran A Midsummer Night’s Run in Lexington. And I actually ran it. The whole thing. All 3.125 miles of it. Without stopping or walking. I. Did. It. Now, I’ve done three 5K’s before, but I’ve always walked. Tonight, I had something to prove to myself. I didn’t care about my time (unofficially, 45 minutes), even though my goal was 38-42 minutes (I’ll find out tomorrow). I care that I ran the whole thing. I never thought I could run a whole mile. And I did — THREE times!

Mom drove me down to the race. I have to be honest; I didn’t really want to go. There were torrential downpours and horrible thunder and lightning. But I wanted to go to prove myself. Mom was there, at the finsh line, snapping pictures of me as I ran by. And, I’ll be honest here, I cried when I finished. Tears. Not sobbing, but there was a good amount of cryig. I ever thought I could do it. And I did.

So, thank you for letting me talk about how awesome Robbie and I are (Justin’s pretty fabulous, too!). Sometimes you just need to revel in everything that is fabulous abut your life. It’s too easy to get caught up in all the negativity. Do me a favor. After you read this, make it about you. What are three amah-zing things that happened to you today? If you can’t think of any, start with this: “I woke up this morning.” Now, get started with your positivity!


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  1. I just love you! Congrats on your awesome race!!!! You inspire me. Robbie is freakin' adorable. Here are my three things:1. I got to have lunch with three great girlfriends, including one I hadn't seen in a long time.2. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Boston, and I walked around the Public Garden and all downtown just for the heck of it- for the first time in at least a year (sadness!)3. I went with 6 great gals to see "Eat Pray Love" tonight, and feel my passion for travel reignited within. Life is good :)We must catch up when you get back!

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