Date Night


Justin and I took a much needed date night tonight. We left Robbie, Barkley, and the catties in the hands of a reliable babysitter (and former student of mine) and went out on the town. Justin and I met for dinner at Za, a great place for pizza and salad (that’s actually all they serve).

The place was packed, and about a quarter of the tables had children. Loud children. The booth next to our small, romantic table had a three-year-old who wanted to be a part of our date and kept peering over at us from the top of the booth. The child at the table across from us was eating a Crayon. Across the restaurant was a screaming child. And Justin and me? We were in heaven because none of it was coming from our table. There was no food to cut up, items to keep out of reach, cups to pick up off the floor, or crisis to avert. It was the epitome of romance.

It’s funny how date night changes after you have a baby. First, you don’t take it for granted anymore. You don’t know when your next meal alone will be, so the one at hand must be savored. Second, you try to fit in as much as possible. Take tonight for instance. Justin and I went to dinner, walked to the movies, saw a movie, and went for ice cream. Which leads to the third difference. You find yourself rushing through parts of your date to get home early enough to not have to take out a second mortgage to pay the babysitter. You also find yourself going to less expensive places because you have to factor in the cost of said babysitter to your meal.

But, from one parent to another, these nights are priceless. They are marriage saving. For me, they remind me that Justin and I are a married couple, not just co-parents who exist in the same house. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Remembering that we’re in love? I’m glad I got the reminder tonight. Now, go make plans for your date. And leave the kids at home!


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