Birthday Bash


Tonight we hosted a first birthday party for four very special young men. Remember those close friends I couldn’t have survived without over the past year? We pretended the party was for our boys, but really it was a celebration of us (and our marriages!) surviving the past year. After exchanging presents for the boys, we all wondered why we hadn’t just exchanged presents with each other. After all, we did most of the work over the past year!

Growing up, I shared a birthday with a good childhood friend, Helen. We used to have our birthday parties together – I can remember one at the Living Arts and Science Center. I always thought it was special to have someone to share my parties with, and I love that Robbie has the same thing. Pete was born on the 21st, Max on the 27th, Robbie on the 28th, and Noah on the 29th. Even though they may not have the same birthday, we love that they are all in order (except for Pete who didn’t get the memo that he needed to be born the 26th, but he leads the way with having the wisdom of living an extra week).

The first time we got the boys together they were five or six weeks old and didn’t do much other than nurse and poop. They were just babies, after all. Today? They were all in little boy mode. The crawled around, picking up pine cones and sticks. They rolled toys on the driveway. And they were filthy. They squirmed and talked and grabbed and ate. It was everything a birthday party should have been. Right down to the tears. Robbie melted down at 6:00, his normal bath time. Ever the perfect host, right?

We did force the boys to make a video for Good Morning America’s “Week in Three Words” segment. We lined them up in chairs and had the husbands hold up the words behind them. I’ll post the video when I upload it. “Friends turning one!” was the sign (including a separate sign for the exclamation mark). Hopefully, our boys will get their fifteen minutes of fame on a future episode. Keep your eyes peeled!


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