Dealing with Change


Change is difficult, isn’t it?  Even when you know it’s something good?  I joke that it’s a good thing babies take nine months to bake because Justin needs that much time to adjust to the idea.  Well, maybe it’s half joking.

We are in the throes of change at the Manna house right now.  And, like most change, I think it was the anticipation that was worse than the actual implementation.  Last week, Justin accepted a new position at a company based in Houston.  A position where they actually want him in the office every day – not working from the kitchen table at our house.

As things developed, I went into panic mode, which is a little strange because I’m used to Justin traveling for work – just not this much.  The boys and I rely on him so much – he does all of the dentist and orthodontist appointments, stays him with sick kids, grocery shops, and cooks.  He keeps me sane when the children are being ridiculous, laughing when they have lost their minds for something ridiculous.

Tuesday night, I dropped Justin off at the airport with two suitcases and a belly full of nerves.  I knew we would see each other in eight days.  We’ve spent more time apart in our marriage.  But, this time, I know we won’t get to see him again until 20 December.  That’s a lot of days apart.  And a lot of tears on my end.

Three days later, and I’m feeling a bit more normal.  The boys have gotten out the door on time – and without tears or yelling – every morning.  We made it to church Wednesday night and to the book fair last night.  Bedtime has been smooth with everyone at least falling asleep in his own bed.

So, things are going to be fine.  And I can watch all the trashy reality shows I want.


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