Iguanas and Bears and Allergies, Oh My!


Last Monday, Robbie’s face started to look a little red.  Nothing major at first, something that could have easily been ignored.  Until the red exploded all over his face.  Trying to figure out what could have caused it, I went to the source, sure that my four-and-a-half-year-old could shed some light.  Maybe he hit his face on the counter or burned it on the rug doing some strange gymnastics.

“Rob, what happened to your face, buddy?” I asked, kneeling down in front of him to get a better look at the red rash that was creeping up and down both sides of his face.

“Umm…  An iguana itched me on this side,” he explained, pointing to the left side of his face.  “And then a bear bit me on this side.”

It was all I could do to keep a straight face, he looked so earnest and, well, sad about it.  “I was playing in the woods, and the iguana came down and itched me.  Then I kept walking, and a bear got me.  It bit me on the face, and it hurts.”

Fortunately, my mom had some special ointment for me to use.  Most people know it as hydrocortisone cream.  It also doubles as iguana scratch and bear bite medicine.

I’ll give him this; Robbie knows how to stick to his story.  By the time we had gone to the Little Clinic at Kroger (they were closed, by the way, sending me on my way with the advice to give him Benadryl, which does nothing by hype my child up) and woken up on Christmas Eve to find the rash even worse than the previous night, I almost believed the iguana and bear attack story.  However, on the off chance that it was more than exotic wildlife attacking my child while he roamed the woods (where in the world he had that experience is beyond me, but if I find out, we won’t be going there because apparently the animals are very dangerous), we decided to go to the doctor.

Our family doctor walked into the exam room, expecting to see some sort of an allergic reaction.  When he asked Robbie what happened, Robbie gave the same story.  Fortunately, our doctor rolls with the punches pretty well and never contradicted Robbie’s claims.  However, on the off-chance that it was an allergic reaction to something, he prescribed some steroids.  Amazingly, between the iguana scratch/bear bite medicine and steroids, everything cleared up.


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