Hitting the Slopes


For the past few months, Robbie has constantly talked about snowboarding and how awesome it is.  We’ve been making a big deal about Robbie being a big kid, hoping to stave off any jealousy about Alex being the baby.  Today, it was time for Robbie to figure out how awesome snowboarding really was – even though he would be on skis.  Justin bravely decided to take Robbie to Perfect North to see what skiing was all about.

I’ll be honest, neither one of us really expected this to go well.  I figured Robbie would get intimidated once he had his skis on and cry when Justin took him to his lesson.  Justin figured there would be an epic meltdown before they even got outside.  We were both wrong.  Robbie may be a better skier than Justin – he’s definitely a better skier than me.

All I have to go on are the pictures and videos Justin brought home, but it looked pretty awesome.  There he was, skiing!  And without any poles, his arms up for balance.  I was sure Robbie was being pulled around by some string, but he was doing it on his own.  Robbie came home, excited to tell me how awesome he was and that he was faster than Justin.

I love that we were both wrong, that we have a son who is able to try something new without being intimidated – something I struggle with.  And I love that he was good at it, that he and Justin can develop this hobby together.


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