Robert: On God


In times where there seems to be tragedy and anger everywhere we look, it can be difficult to remember that there is a God and that He loves us.  Every day,  but particularly today, I am increasingly thankful that I have a child who believes in God so faithfully.  Here are a few of his pearls of wisdom.

“Mom, God painted me, right?  Well, I don’t like the color he used.  I think I want to be blue.”

After hearing me say, “Robbie, I sure am glad I made you!”, he turned to look at me in shock and said, “You didn’t make me.  God did.  God made me, Mom!  And he made you and Daddy, too.  God made all of us.”

“God gave me to you, right, Mom?  Kind of like a present.  I’m a present to you!”

And, when asking him if he remembered someone he hadn’t seen in months, Robbie replied, “I remember Kirsten, Mom.  I like her.”

Of course, I asked him why, since it seemed like a random comment to add.  His answer?  “Because God made her, Mom.  And if God made her, she is good.”

And so, I will close with the words Robbie prays every night before we eat: “God is great; God is good.  And we thank him (for our food).  Amen.”


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