Much to the detriment of our adult communication, Robbie understands everything that is being said.  Furthering the problem is Justin’s inability to speak in code. Therefore, I have resorted to spelling things to Justin when Robbie is around, particularly because we are in the middle of trying to plan a surprise trip for Robbie, who understands every word associated with Disney.  Case in point – we said “monorail” in the car yesterday.  Robbie, who hadn’t said a word in five minutes, pipes up with, “Do you mean the monorail at Magic Kingdom, Dad?  Are you talking about Magic Kingdom.  I wanna go there soon.”  And, so, I spell.

Somehow, young Robert has caught on to this.  I would love to have been in his mind when he realized that if he didn’t understand what we were spelling, we probably wouldn’t understand what he was spelling.  Yesterday at lunch, Robbie was trying to communicate to me that Justin was upset and I was in big trouble (neither of which was true at this particular time!).

Robbie looked back and forth at Justin and myself as we spelled out some words to our conversation before bursting in.  All of a sudden, Robbie said, “Hey, Mom!  Daddy a-g-d-r-y-m-q.  Right, Mom?” And then he collapsed into fits of laughter about what he had just spelled to me.  He continued spelling for the next few minutes, each time laughing hysterically about the code he had just communicated to me.

I still have no idea what Justin actually did, but that may be a good thing.  I just hope Robbie doesn’t learn to really spell anytime soon.


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