Our Ghost


I put Robbie in bed tonight and waited patiently for him to go to sleep.  Eventually, the prospect of catching up on Dallas got the best of me.  I told Robbie that I was going to check the laundry and would be back to talk to him in a few minutes.  He promised me that he would stay in bed and go to sleep.  I figured I had ten minutes before he found us in the basement.

It took about fifteen.  I noticed movement by the steps and almost had to do a double-take.  There he was, peaking around the corner of the stairs.  And entirely covered in a beige blanket.  He stayed there for a few minutes, completely silent.  It was all Justin and I could do to maintain our composure.  Then, very slowly, the blanket boy started moving toward the family room, staying close to the wall and as out-of-sight as possible.  Eventually, he couldn’t control himself any longer and started laughing.

Perhaps better parents could have kept straight faces and gotten their children back to bed.  We could not.  Instead, Robbie hopped up on the couch next to me and discussed his plan.  Robbie figured that ghosts are invisible and can’t be seen.  Knowing that they wear white sheets, he found the next best thing – the blanket.  He figured that if he was hiding under the blanket, just like a ghost, it would be impossible for us to see him and know he was out of bed.  Makes sense to me…


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