I’m glad to hear that Robbie is learning about the real meaning of Christmas at school.  However, the manifestation of all this knowledge is a little, well, Robbie-like.  As I was getting him out of the bathtub last night, Robbie asked me to wrap him up tight.  As I was wrapping him, he instructed me further.  “Mom, wrap me up like baby Jesus when he was born.”

The rest of the conversation went a little like this:

“You want to be swaddled?”

“Yes.  Swaddled.  I want to be swaddled in a manger.”

At this point I picked Robbie up and held him cradled in my arms.  “Like this?”

“Yeah, Mom.  Like this.  I’m swaddled in a manger.  You’re the manger, OK, Mom?”


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