Christmas Time


Robbie hates November.  He faced it devastated that Halloween and trick-or-treating were over.  He suffered through Thanksgiving, informing everyone who would listen, with his head in his hands, “It’s not Halloween time.  It’s not Christmas time.  It’s… November.”  And then, miraculously, it was all over.  Suddenly, Robbie’s entire outlook changed, as he proclaimed, “Mom, Thanksgiving is over!  Christmas time is ON!”

It’s a whole different experience with a three-year-old.  Robbie is so into Christmas – decorating the tree, making “Christmas cookies for kids”, playing with the train, making Christmas crafts.  I feel like I’m getting to experience it all again for the first time, too.

I have to admit, though, I’ve fallen into the “Santa is watching you” trap.  I didn’t mean to; I promise!  But, one day, Robbie asked me if Santa was watching him.  How could I say no?  After all, it’s not a lie.  Justin and I are watching him.  Just like that, he started doing what he was supposed to do.  I don’t use it often, only in emergencies really.  Like when he runs out the front door of the dentist office and into the parking lot.  Or when he packs seven rocks into his pants and doesn’t want to hand them over before going into pre-school.

I want to take in every possible moment and hold onto it tight.  I want to bake all the cookie recipes and watch all the Christmas movies.  And this year, we will.  There will be no 1000-mile drive two days before Christmas, no day spent panicking and getting the house ready for travel.  And thank goodness; Christmas time really is on!


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