Ear Infections


Remember those sensory issues?  Amazing how they manifest…  Two weeks ago, I took Robbie to the doctor for what I thought might be an ear infection.  It was, and we treated it and moved on with our lives.  Until yesterday, when he was sent home with a fever.  This afternoon, I took Robbie to our new doctor, where he was, once again, diagnosed with an ear infection.  In each ear.  That had been festering for the better part of a month.  And he never once complained about his ears hurting.

Incredible, isn’t it?  We know he has vestibular issues (this is why he feels a constant need to jump, climb, do somersaults, and role down the car window when we go fast).  He does not get enough input here, which means ear infections don’t bother him.  He never once complained of his ears hurting.  Until tonight when we got home.

I tried to give him a bath but he would have nothing to do with it.  After managing to wipe Robbie down with a washcloth, he attached himself to me.  Naked except for his socks.  We cuddled on the bed for a minute, and, all of a sudden, his breathing slowed and he was asleep.  It was all I could do to get him in a diaper and pajama pants before he was asleep again.

Robbie woke up again when it was time to give him some medicine, and he’s been asleep ever since.  For eight hours.  I just went up to give him another dose of medicine, and he finally told me that his ears hurt – down along his jaw.  Robbie begged me to please just leave him alone and let him sleep.  So I did.

The worst part?  Tomorrow is Halloween, and all Robbie has talked about for months is trick-or-treating.  His preschool Halloween parade is tomorrow, and I think he’s going to have to miss it.  I’m just glad that he’s not old enough to know what he is missing.  And he’ll get to trick-or-treat tomorrow.  There’s no way for me to take that from him.

As much as I hate to be away from work for another day, I love being home with Robbie, especially when he is cuddly.  We have two movies and three holiday crafts to work on.  I’ll put chili in the crock pot for Halloween dinner.  And we’ll get this kid ready for Halloween.  Take that, ear infections!


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