The other night, during one of our conversations, Robbie rolled over, put his hand on my face, looked into my eyes, and asked me a very serious question.  “Mom, are you married?”

Caught off-guard and trying not to laugh at the question, I replied, “Yes, honey.  Mommy’s married.”

He continued, “OK.  Are you married to Daddy?”

I replied that I was, indeed, married to Daddy.  Robbie proceeded to give it some thought, mulling over this whole marriage business.  Not sure where this was going, I waited for a few moments.  And, sure enough, Robbie continued.

“Yeah, I’m married, too.  I got married at pre-school today.”

I just really wasn’t sure what to say to that.  He didn’t seem to know who he had married, only that he was married.  Which sounds like a bad decision he might make on a college Vegas trip, not a normal day at a Christian pre-school.  Even more concerning?  Robbie’s pre-school teacher knew nothing about it.  Although, I guess this could be seen as a good sign.  I’d be a little concerned if she were serving as a witness…


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