Color Blind?


Justin and I were thrilled when Robbie finally started naming colors in English.  Especially when he started getting them right.  Until he started labeling everything he saw.  Including people.

It’s happened a few times – Robbie pointing and shouting, “Look!  Black!”  In public.  Loudly.

Justin was with him the first time it happened at a restaurant.  Then it happened at Kids Place.  And then tonight – at the mall.

I have no idea how to actually deal with this.  I’ve spoken to Robbie.  I’m not so sure that he gets the idea of race, and I wonder if it’s because he was mostly around Asians and white people in Massachusetts.  So, much to my chagrin, I have started trying to point out other colors when he starts shouting, “Black!”

I’m not sure how long that will work…  Or how to deal with it a little better.  Any suggestions?


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