My Pre-Schooler


So…  It didn’t take long for us to get our first call from Robbie’s teacher.  Five days.  But, yesterday, during my planning period, I got a phone call.  Mrs. Smith assured me that Robbie was safe and fine, but she wanted to talk.  Immediately, I thought of all the things my sweet boy could have done.  Language.  Pushing.  Hair pulling.  But he always behaves so much better for other people…  Right?

Apparently pre-school is the exception to this rule.  Mrs. Smith was quick to tell me how much they all adore Robbie and how funny he was.  But he also has a difficult time calming himself down when going into an environment that is a little more exciting – like music, Spanish, the playground, or (horror of horrors) chapel.  He also doesn’t like other kids being in his personal space when this is happening.

Concerned about our child and his potential for success (after all, if we are failing him at three, how can we possibly help him be successful later?), we headed into school for a meeting with Mrs. Harris.  And there we sat, Justin and myself in the big chairs, and Mrs. Smith, perched on a pre-school chair.  I know my child isn’t perfect.  In fact, I might be the first person to tell you that.  But it’s quite a different story when someone else is throwing this information your way.  Particularly someone who has known your child for six days.

Now, I am not dismissing what Robbie’s teacher had to say.  In fact, she may be accurate.  However, I do not think it is appropriate to make any sort of recommendations on a child after six days without first implementing new behavior strategies.

Of course, I wrote – and failed to publish – this two weeks ago.  We have continued to work on Robbie’s transition…  Oy!


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