Livin’ the Farm Life


Determined to continue our Boston adventures, Robbie and I went to Davis Farmland today with our good friends, Pete and Rebecca.  We had been last year, but it was a totally different experience with two big boys.

We fed and brushed month-old calves.

Held some two-week-old goats.  Until they ran away.

Fed a few sheep.

And a few goats.

Took a tractor ride around the farm.

Rode a horse.

There as swimming, bouncing, and a general good time.  We went for ice cream with an incredible view.

It was the perfect afternoon.  The boys got along brilliantly.  Well, until Robbie called Pete a baby, which created a whole new set of problems and ultimately resulted in me being called a baby as well.  It’s so wonderful that the boys get along so well, especially since Rebecca is one of my best friends.  But it’s heartbreaking, too, because it’s one relationship that probably won’t foster for the boys the way a lifetime friendship since birth should.

And then, blessedly, the boys collapsed in heaps of exhaustion.



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