Quality Time


This may come as a surprise to you, but Justin and I don’t get a lot of time without Robbie.  And we never get time together without him in our house.  For the first two weeks of summer, Robbie went to daycare a few time, and Justin and I relished in the quiet and the chance to actually spend time together without being worried about getting home in time for a babysitter.

The first few days, we mostly stuck around the house.  Lunch out.  Drinking coffee without anyone sticking their fingers in it.  Ice cream that we didn’t have to share.  And last Wednesday, we did something totally out of character.  At the last minute, we bought tickets and went to an afternoon game at Fenway.  They were the best tickets we’ve ever had – right behind home plate.  We grabbed lunch beforehand.  I learned how to keep score at a baseball game.  It was the perfect day.

Thursday, I went to the beach at the reservoir by myself.  I read a book.  I took a nap.  And then, after a few hours, I got Robbie and brought him back to have some fun together.  Believe it or not, it’s much easier to be a fun parent when you don’t have to see your child every second of every day.

I told Justin it felt like we were dating again; it felt like time before kids.  Except something was different; this time we actually appreciate our time together.  We know how precious it is and are able to enjoy each other as something other than parents.  What a magical gift that is to see after all these years, to remember how it used to be and know that it’s even sweeter now that the time is so rare.


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