Growing up, we used to go camping on a farm.  There were so many ticks that we called it Camp Tick-a-lot.  Arlington is getting right up there.  Several weeks ago, there was one on Rob’s head at the park.  I have found two on me – just crawling around.  Tonight, we found our fourth tick.

It was during bath time and Justin had just finished washing Robbie’s hair when he say it, attached to the back of Robbie’s head.  The poor baby immediately sensed that something was wrong and turned around just in time to see me put a bobby pin in a flame.  That’s when the screaming started.

Eventually, Justin was able to pull the culprit out of Robbie’s head, with some skin still attached to it’s greedy little mouth.  Justin may or may to have burned it in an apple cinnamon flame…  And poor Robbie kept crying about the bad bug.  I think we’ll be having tick checks every night.  Now if only I could get my own scalp to stop itching!


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