Candy, Please!


Yesterday, when I read Justin’s Facebook status about the Final Four, I had a few questions.  It went a little something like this: “My Final Four in 1998 – hiding bourbon from RAs. My Final Four in 2012 – hiding candy from my two year old.”  I didn’t fully understand it until this morning, when I asked Justin why Robbie’s bathroom stool was on top of the refrigerator.

He had me get it down and ask Robbie to get candy.  Robbie said, “Sure, Mom!  Get candy!”  He carried the stool to the kitchen sink and climbed up.  He was dismayed to find (please don’t judge) dishes in the sink and refused to go any further.  I didn’t understand this but moved the four cups (see, it wasn’t that bad!) to the counter.

Robbie remounted the stool and shimmied his way into the sink.  He stood up, opened the cabinet, and grabbed a handful of jelly beans. I guess I need to find a new hiding place…


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