I didn’t want to believe our babysitter, Elena, last night when she told me Robbie had climbed out of his crib.  In fact, I laughed.  Surely Robbie wouldn’t have climbed out of his crib.  Maybe he acted like he would.  But he would never actually do it.

And then it was bedtime tonight.  We read a book.  He eagerly went to bed.  I thought I was free (I may have even bragged about how well our bedtime routine was working).  Until little feet made their way down the stairs about twenty minutes later.  I got off the couch to find a little boy on the stairs.  When he saw me, he threw his arms up in the air and yelled, “‘Urprise, Mom!  I did it!”

Boy, did he…  Three or four more times.  I finally convinced him to play in his room, which he did for about thirty minutes.  Afterwards, he came downstairs to cuddle with me.  It was kind of nice, just hanging out on the couch.  He brought me a blanket and curled up next to me, giving me a sly little smile like we were in on a secret together.

Tonight, he’s been in bed for fifteen minutes, and I haven’t seen him yet.  I’m cautiously optimistic, but I might not mind hearing those little feet on the floor so much.


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