I Hung the Moon


It must be amazing to be two.  Everything is new.  Everything is amazing.  If only I could look at life like that, and maybe, if I spend a little more time paying attention to how Robbie lives, I can.

I taught Robbie how to rock out in the car last night.  Air drumming.  Singing at the top of his lungs.  He didn’t know a single word, but he was having a blast.  The words he could understand he sang on a delay, highly off-pitched.  And with the biggest smile on his face.  While we were doing that, it sadly occurred to me that we had never rocked out in the car before.  It’s so easy to do, and it puts both of us in such a good mood.

And then, if the night could get any better, Robbie discovered how to hang the moon.  While playing with a flashlight, he discovered that if he put it on the ceiling, the moon would appear.  His eyes got big, his mouth dropped, and he said, “Look, Mom!  Moon!  QiQi moon!”  How magical, to think you could bring the moon inside and have the power to make it appear and disappear with a simple flick of the wrist.

Moments later, Robbie’s best friend’s dad showed them how to stick a flashlight under their shirt and glow.  You would have thought he told them Mickey Mouse was coming for dinner!  They dissolved into giggles, both trying to glow with their flashlights.

I think we so often get caught up in all the big things in life.  Paying bills, cleaning the house, sorting through family drama, trying to stay ahead of the game at work.  But what if we turned the music up a little?  Sang at the top of our lungs even when we don’t know the words?

Just make sure you don’t run a red light when you do it…


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