Home Again


It’s been a long two days.  In the car.  With a toddler.  And a husband.  And oodles of time to think.  Too much time to think.

And now we are home, if only until Thursday when we take Robbie to Disney World for the first time.  It’s a trip we had planned with Augusta, and she would be livid if we didn’t go.  Justin and I have been talking it up with Robbie, and for the past two days he’s been telling me, “Mom, I wanna meet Mickey.”

I am hoping that this trip will move us forward in the healing process.  All of the hard, labor-intensive work is behind us, and we need something fun to look forward to.

I wish I had more to share…  But there’s a big cold coming on.  And I’ve spend two days in the car, having small plastic toys lobbed in my general direction.  Fortunately, I’m unpacked and enjoying the Survivor finale.  Yes, from three weeks ago.  Don’t ruin it for me!


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