A New Normal


It was our first day home today, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Would it be hard to get Justin out of bed?  Would we spend all day crying, overwhelmed by everything that lay in front of us?  Unsure of what to do without something tangible to plan or sort through?

What do you do on a day like today?  Resize your mother-in-law’s rings so that you can wear them and have a  part of her with you?  Yes.  In fact, you make that the first thing you do (after daycare drop-off, of course).  Schedule stress-relieving massages for you and your husband?  Definitely.  Even though you’ll still feel the stress afterwards.  Still, the momentary relief is worth it, just being able to move your shoulders.  Buy a Christmas tree?  Absolutely.

In fact, I think the Christmas tree was the most important part of the day.  Christmas is something we know how to do. The tree goes in front of the living room window.  Justin puts the lights on the wrong way (really, it’s fine; it’s just not how I would do it).  Robbie breaks a few ornaments and runs around in his diaper, Mickey Santa hat, and Go Cats shirt.  It all makes sense, you know?

And maybe that’s the key…  Finding a few things we know how to do each day and doing them.  Eventually, they’ll add up, right?  Tomorrow, Justin will travel for work.  And I will go to work.  And we will be OK.


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